Australian Aboriginal Fabrics


Our Gallery specialises in Aboriginal Art and Australiana Designs printed on 100% fine cotton fabric.

The shop was opened in October 2005 to extend the clothing & repair business of Dianne May. The repairs were put in the background by the demand for the stunning Aboriginal fabrics that she framed and hung on the walls. A customer suggested the name of Dianne's Repairs did not do the shop justice, and so the Aboriginal Fabric Gallery was born. Today the shop is run by Liz, who has worked with Dianne for some years.

The interesting fabric designs are all taken from original indigenous art works. A large percentage of the designs originated in the Australian centre including the Uluru area, more commonly known as Ayers Rock. 

The Aboriginal Fabric Gallery is located on Gregory Terrace, a few steps from the Todd Mall in ALICE SPRINGS, Northern Territory, THE HEART OF AUSTRALIA.

We have a good range of fat 1/4's and fat 1/8th quilt packs. The extensive use of nature's colours mean they all go together beautifully and work so well in quilts. 


Please have a browse through the fabrics pages. All fabrics online are sold per meter. Don't hesitate to call us if you are looking for other sizes or have any queries at all. Through the website you can pay with PayPal or credit cards; email us at  if you wish to pay any other way!

Phone +61 8 8952 6163